What Remains


I am investigating how local people remember and relate to the Battle of Okinawa’s history. I spoke to survivors, the children of survivors, and those who never knew what happened to their grandparents during the conflict.

The Battle of Okinawa began with the US military invasion of Kadena on April Fool’s Day 1945. More than 500,000 soldiers arrived for a decisive battle with the Japanese military of about 100,000. The island and its people was used as a delay tactic by the Japanese military for the protection of the mainland. The Battle of Okinawa was fierce and caused massive devastation. More than 12,000 US soldiers, 77,000 Japanese soldiers and 100,000 civilians died on the islands and the death toll continues to increase. This is because official records do not provide an accurate picture of what happened. For example, officially, Japan surrendered and the war over on 22nd June 1945. However, this doesn’t consider the smaller fights between units in the jungle that continued after the Japanese military surrendered. My film explores the gaps in Okinawa’s recent past.



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