The Brief History of an Island Mole

This is the only record I can find to tell the Senkaku mole’s story.

The photographs were taken on the first scientific expedition to the islands in 1979. According to sources, a scientist saw something small and dark scurrying along the floor and bashed it with a slipper. The scientist discovered that it was a new species of mole.

The human history on the Senkaku islands can be traced back to 1978 when Japanese people settled briefly and introduced a domestic goat species. The population rapidly grew and caused serious destruction to the natural ecosystem. Now, the Senkaku Mole is thought to be a critically endangered species of mole. However, scientists have not been able to return to the islands because China and Japan disagree over territorial rights. The islands are located on the frontiers of both countries and are full of rich natural resources including oil and gas reserves. These islands are surrounded by Chinese and Japanese militaries, government sponsored activists, tourists, scientists and protestors.

The Senkaku Mole’s fate is a mystery…



*Please note all images and sounds were sourced from the internet and are attributed to cc/non-commercial usage. If you want to be attributed to a particular sound/image, please get in touch.



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